Saturday, June 09, 2007

Doug Malloy's Gravity Box

Hello friends,

Just wanted to tell you a little about the Gravity Box by Malloy Modern Magic.

The effect as advertised:
Sitting on your table is an attractive wooden chest that measures about 7 3/4" square. Not only does this box hold your props, which is clearly seen to be unremarkable, save for it's gorgeous quality! Invite a spectator up to help you with an experiment in mind control/hypnosis. Hand the box to the spectator for them to hold as you explain how easily susceptible some people are to hypnosis. Placing the box on the floor, you open the top and place a white silk inside. Now, you begin to hypnotize the spectator, explaining that the silk actually weighs a ton! Literally!

The spectators are now instructed to try to lift the box. They can't! The spectator strains and sweats but is unable to budge the box! How is this possible? After all, you aren't standing on any false floors or using any superconductor magnets or even using a stooge! It must either be hypnosis or... magic! The box is opened the silk is removed and guess what -- the chest is now lifted easily!

This version of the Light & Heavy Chest is new and improved, made of polished black walnut and manufactured by master craftsman Doug Malloy! It's furniture quality is only enhanced by gleaming brass hardware, a beautifully finished interior, and a heavy duty gimmick that would require the Incredible Hulk to lift the box! The box can be shown freely, at all angles, before being set down. The simple act of either reaching in for an object or pulling out an object sets the gimmick in a second; it's always ready!

No electricity, wires, magnets or magnetic concepts of any kind, electronics, and nothing is attached to you at all! There are no trays, false floors, or heavy tables used. The gravity Box is entirely self-contained and features a brand new and ingenious principle!

Its simplicity in operation is incredibly effective, and you will marvel at the method itself once you lay eyes upon it! Not only is it a gorgeous piece of art, it will rapidly become the highlight of your shows whether you perform serious mind-control or stand-up comedy or even children's shows!

My comments:

This is a beautiful apparatus. Very well constructed. It's made better than my furniture.

Working it is a cinch. It really couldn't be any easier. Really!

And it can be repeated several times during your show in in succession of itself.

They just know they won't able to lift yet at anytime, you can pick it up move it, set it down and once again ask them to lift it with the same hysterical results.

When presented properly (audience management) no one, not even King Kong could lift this little chest off the ground.

At $395.00, the Gravity Box is not cheap but the quality and entertainment value is worth every cent. And look at it this way, you won't be hearing, "I know that one."

Like many effects (especially the really good ones) the proper settings are in order to perform it are necessary. Once you know you have the correct venue to present this to your audience, this could very well be the highlight of your act. What is the correct venue? A place where you can put the box on a flat non porous surface. And that's all. This is not unreasonable.

What if you don't have a flat non porous surface? Simple anyone will be able to pick up the box. There is no light & heavy effect that can be presented.

If you regularly find yourself performing at catering halls I would say this is a must have. But for a weekend performer this may not be a wise investment unless you are looking for the perfect special occasion effect, then go ahead and treat yourself.

I can compare your performance results of the Gravity Box closely with Steve Spangler's Bounce No Bounce. The ball bounces (of course) but when they try it lands on the ground with a thud. Repeat as often as you wish, they just know what will happen but they still can't believe it.

Thanks for reading!
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